Protocols for Visiting the Land School During COVID-19

How to Sign Up for a Visit to the Land School In consultation with the Dunn County Health Department, we welcome visitors on a limited basis to the Land School at this time. Protocols for these visits are found below. Please contact us at if you are interested in coordinating a visit. Land School... Continue Reading →

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Sugar Maple and Pruning Time

The work of the farm and the cycle of the seasons continues. Last week this work included collecting sap and boiling it into maple syrup and pruning the apple, plum and pear trees in our orchard. Enjoy these songs to help celebrate the season!Sugar Maple Time by Ken Lonnquist Maple Syrup Time by Pete Seeger

Farm Stay 3: Athletic Cabinet

Since my fourth grade year at Lake Country people have complained about the athletic equipment and the cabinet itself at the Land School. The chief issues surrounding the athletic cabinet are: it is not clear where to put various types of equipment after you use them, a large portion of the equipment is used only... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: The Land

Here at the Land School, most of your time is spent out on the land. Going outside and getting on the land provides a lot. I didn't realize how much I could do outdoors until I went on Farm Stay. There are so many opportunities including hikes with your friends or by yourself, hanging out... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: Haikus about the Land

Trees covered in mistFog settling over the landHidden horizon The chickens squeakingChickens flooding the compostThe animal care Trekking to the treesStepping over the barbed wireLooking for blue bags Lugging the bucketsPouring the sap in barrelsReady to boil Drilling in the treesHammering in the spilesAttaching the bag -Noah

Farm Stay 3: Micro Economy

An important part of our farm stay work is our Micro Economy. For Micro Economy, we create an economy of our small businesses and the bigger Land School economy. Each student makes a food and a craft to sell at our event, the Pancake Breakfast. We have to manage our time and money, and at... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: The Land

Every time I come to the Land School, one of the things I am most excited to do is spend time on the land, out on the trails and in the forest. My favorite thing to do outside at the Land School is to climb the trees. Everything just feels more comfortable and more fun... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: Micro Eco

For those who didn't know, micro eco stands for micro economy. It is a chance for the jr. high to plan, coordinate, and execute a big event that will actually be attended by many people. This year for micro eco, we are having a pancake breakfast. Along with the base meal of pancakes the jr.... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: Stewardship

On the urban campus, big work might be a large project on The Civil War or a paper on various African countries. While those subjects are undoubtedly important, at the Land School all Junior Highers get to choose an issue around the campus to work on over the course of their Farm Stay. These issues... Continue Reading →

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