Farm Friday 6/21/19

FARM FRIDAY: Summer at the Land School so far has included an excellent Workday/Potluck, fresh eggs from the chickens, and beautiful sunsets!


Farm Friday 6/14/19

FARM FRIDAY: The Junior High Apprenticeship at the Land School has been busy planting peppers and herbs, and weeding garlic this week!

Farm Friday 6/7/19

FARM FRIDAY: Class D visited the Land School this week for the last overnight of the school year! The trip included class reflection, earth art, and explorations with wool.

Rural Campus News: 6/3/19

It was great to host TWO! E1 Going-Out small groups last week. There is so much to observe and engage in at the Land School all year-round, and Spring moving into Summer is no exception. Students got to bake bread on hot coals and see a Scarlet Tanager! We welcomed the "Unplugged" Great Gathering families out this past weekend,... Continue Reading →

Rural Campus News: 5/21/19

Class H Day Visit Class H brought Spring warmth! We saw wildflowers unfurling and heard so many frogs and toads. The sun was out and the breezes were warmer. ALL the alliums were planted (onions, shallots and leeks)- huzzah! Mindy introduced an interesting and engaging new migration game we set up in our woods and students... Continue Reading →

Rural Campus News: 5/14/19

The whole Junior High came out for their Stewardship-Overnight Visit last Monday to Tuesday. We got all the Plant Sale flats prepared and loaded onto the transport truck, we supported sheep and llama shearing and completed organizational and clean up work in the Red Barn and Coop, we worked on trails and buckthorn removal, we baked and... Continue Reading →

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