Farm Friday 1/24/20

FARM FRIDAY: Land School staff clear the recent snowfall off the solar panels with a long handled squeegee (and a curious visitor stops by the Farmstead)!

Farm Friday 1/17/20

FARM FRIDAY: The solar panels at the Farmstead were installed this month! Thank you to all who contributed through last year’s Great Rendezvous Fund-A-Need to make this project possible. The solar panels will power all of the electrical needs of the Farmstead!

Erdkinder Essay

I think that the Land School fits almost fully into Dr. Maria Montessori’s utopia for education because they leave us to a farm for three weeks, where we tend to the farm, connect with others, and yet we still learn things that we would at the Urban Campus. We are not fully independent although we... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 2: English Response

The work by the Land School begins to address the problems of climate change because when they use solar panels to create energy from the sun, it makes it less of a need to use coal/gas and that’s where a lot of pollution comes from. But referring to the article "Forget Shorter Showers" it will... Continue Reading →

English Response

For my English reflection, I chose to write about the second question: How does the work of the Land School begin to address the problems posed by climate change?  At the Urban Campus, we read an article called “Forget Shorter Showers”. The article was about how using your car less, taking shorter showers, and doing... Continue Reading →

Erdkinder Reflection

How does the Land School fit into Maria Montessori’s utopian version for education? I think that the Land School does fit in, in most ways to Maria Montessori's vision. I love Farm Stay and I think that it is a great experience. I also think that the changes from last year’s schedule to this years... Continue Reading →

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