Farm Friday 3/22

Farm Stay 3 began the process of gathering maple syrup during their time at the Land School. We will have a lot of sap to collect if this weather holds, email if you would like to help out!


Farm Stay 3: Last Day

Today it’s the last day of farm stay 😦 Everyone is pack in and cleaning. Some people are already finish so they do some other job. We did a ceremony with compliments and some appreciations. We also did our regrets. The adults are making lunch and the kids are cleaning. We did many things together... Continue Reading →

Indigenous Food

The Food Occupation during Farm Stay 3 was focused on Indigenous Foods. We learned about the people and foods native to this region, explored topics of food sovereignty and land acknowledgement, and made recipes featuring Indigenous foods like manoomin (wild rice), the three sisters (corn, beans, and squash), and maple syrup. Here are some of... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: Solo Hike

Today I decided to go on my solo hike with my friend's camera, this is what I took pictures of. I took this pic on my way to the red barn. I found the nature relaxing. I decided to say hello to the sheep. The chickens were making some noise and I tried to take... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: Day 18

I am not looking forward to leaving, but in another sense I can't wait to be gone. I love it here with all of my friends just relaxing and doing our own thing, but at the same time my family and my other friends are still at the urban campus and I can't wait to... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: Day 17

Today I went on my solo hike, I tried to take some pictures but I had the distinct feeling that someone was watching me and following me, the barking noise my camera bag made against my jacket definitely didn't help, and I never even made it to the sugar shack, my original destination because I... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: Day 16

Today I woke up at 7:15. I went into the gathering room where I met my mentor group as well as Andy's. My mentor group set off to be trained in by Andy's group who were on animal care the last few days before. They trained us in on everything we needed to do and... Continue Reading →

Farm Stay 3: Day 14

Monday, March 11            The cleanliness of the Land School kitchen is pretty astounding. After watching "24 Hours to Hell and Back", a Gordon Ramsey show about these disaster restaurants with incredibly unsanitary kitchens. Ramsey visits them, and then rages at the owners and managers and chefs. It is pretty disgusting... Continue Reading →

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